Data security


This privacy statement stipulates the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the responsible provider DECROM CO SRL, Strada Brăilei, no. 7-9 VOX CENTER, Galați, Romania, CUI 5827212, registration number J17 / 163/1994, email:, on this website (hereinafter referred to as “supplier”).

Access data / log file server

The provider will (or from its ISP) collect data on each access to the offer (so-called server log files). These access data include:

Requested web page name, file, access date and time, amount of data transferred, successful retrieval notification, browser type, along with version, user operating system, referrer URL (previously accessed), IP address, and the requesting provider.

The provider will use the data only for statistical purposes, for operational purposes, security, and supply optimization. Vendor reserves the right, however, to verify the information in the log later, if there is a reasonable suspicion of illegal use as a result of the specific indications. While contacting the seller (for example, using the contact form or email), user information is stored for the purpose of processing the request and in case of connection problems.

Integration of third party services and content

Third-party content from other sites, such as YouTube videos, Google Maps, RSS feeds, or graphics, can be integrated into this online offering. This always implies that the provider of such content (hereinafter "third parties") records the user's IP address. Without an IP address, they cannot provide their content. The IP address is therefore required for the presentation of that content. We strive to use only such content, ie the respective providers, if they use the IP address only for the delivery of the content. However, we have no control that matters.

Cancellation, changes, corrections and updates

The user has the right to be informed free of charge about the stored personal data. In addition, the user has the right to correct inaccurate data, blocking and deleting personal data, to the extent that there is no legal obligation to retain it.